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Welcome back.

Unsure about how to have pleasure while isolated yet seeking connection?

Dee Larsen somatic sex educator takes you on a journey to explore your body with curiosity and wonder.

A group pleasure practice has incredible benefits which include increasing immunity boosting endorphins, vagal fitness, deepening connection, harnessing power of breath and guided exploration, deeper inner knowing and belonging, dissolving tension and having fun. If you have been feeling sluggish or disconnected I welcome you to this practice.

We are back with enhanced technology and super robust Wifi to harness all of this incredible creative and erotic energy with a women's sexuality embodied practice on the 1st Wednesday of every month, first one being Wed 6th May @ 7.30pm (via Zoom via private invite only). This will be a MONTHLY event which will build community and connection so you are invited to commit to 90 mins practice each month.

Time to switch our attention inwards to the incredible and resilient vehicles which we know as our bodies.

Using somatic sexuality practices Dee will guide you through some embodied movement, using breath, sensual music and and invitation touch to awaken the body and erotic channels.

Sexual energy is your life force energy it brings a renewal and positivity for all that is.

Connection with yourself in a safe and mutually cohesive space.

NOTE" To take part make sure you have a space where you can fully relax and let go, free from interruption. Make a 'nest' of blankets, pillows and use candles, oils to enhance the sensuality of your space. Wear lose comfy clothing.

We aim to finish by 9pm after our short post practice debrief.